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Hi, I'm Cari and I am a hobbyist photographer. Your support along the way is helping push me to become better every day. Do feel free to share this page if you like. I love to take risks, learn new techniques and create  work that I can be proud of - most of the time.  Click the "About" tab near the top of the page to learn a bit more about me...  Below is a brief intro to my interests as a photographer. Questions and comments welcome :)

Photographic Interests:

Nature, landscapes,  Gothic ambient, abandoned buildings and stalking graveyards for tombstone art.  I am a lover of nature as well as all things dark and spooky and slightly kooky. Also, as a former  archaeologist, I have a passion for religious architecture

This home page contains a few samples of my work. To see more of my photos, click on the galleries tab at the top of this page.  I do post blurbs on what's going on at the bottom right section on this page and for fun I post music videos that are in sync with the mood I'm in at the time. The whole package is one where my creative process is driven by emotions and moods. I've thrown the old rule book out the window and really just enjoy photography in my own way.  I'm grateful for every one that has supported me.  


Wow, it's been a crazy year and we haven't even really gotten started yet...or so it seems. The world around is changing and it demands that we stand up and take notice. 

Do you have a passion? What inspires you to look at this changing world differently than you did a year ago, a decade ago...different perhaps than you saw it as a child?

Because life can change so quickly, it must be captured in a way that is significant to you. So, keep in mind...what's your passion? How do you stop time, save a memory, record laughter that sounds differently each time it is heard?   


My work supports that are close to my heart. Many are in memory of my mother; a woman who was scarred by experience, loved deeply, lived imperfectly, believed faithfully, questioned constantly and died too soon.  I also regularly support charities that responsibly and compassionately advance science to a cure for Parkinson's in support of my dad who suffers from this life changing disease and to those helping dementia patients in memory of my grandmother.  And, I regularly support charities that are focused on the improvement of life for animals. I credit both of my parents and my whole family, for my love of animals which has led to a deep conviction that animals deserve a life free from cruelty, with access to veterinary care and safe homes whether it be animals in my home or those who live freely in the wild. 

This month's special donation goes to...

My charity of the month is one whose work is critical to the American people and to people who come to America, seeking a better life for those they love and to protect themselves.  This month I'm calling attention to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) .    Their hard work cannot be respected highly enough. I encourage those who donate to charities, especially fellow Americans, to consider a donation to the ACLU in any amount.