Captured Soul Images 


WHO am I and how did I get here, lost in the world of photography? 

I'm a former academic from Los Angeles who now lives in the north-east Scottish countryside.  It didn't take long, but I fell in love with the landscape and decided to dust off my passion for photography and explore my new/second home.   After getting re-acquainted with the camera and learning new editing techniques, I soon developed a personal style....or so I have been told.  If you came here expecting to find someone who plays by rules, you've definitely got the wrong girl. I do what works for me. I make mistakes, and I'm not a technical genius but I love my work and find myself inspired daily by my environment. 

My interests include nature and landscapes as well as a darker side (some might say) which includes occasional walks through churchyards (in Scotland, kirk yards) due to an obsession with old gravestones. Additionally, I cannot pass up an abandoned building of any kind. and I am currently working on a project which is taking me to abandoned buildings of all kinds, throughout the area. And, as a former  archaeologist, I have a passion for ritual and religious architecture. 

On a personal note, I have a sarcastic sense of humor and walk a bit on the dark side. If you find some of my work a bit odd, it's good to keep that in mind. Photography is very personal for me and each photo that I take the time to edit embodies my experiences, moods and emotions. I believe that like most art forms, photographs are an extension of the artist's soul. This thinking is what led me to calling my photographic work name, Captured Soul Images. (Yeah, a bit hokey, but why be normal?)

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding my photography. Please do read my BLOG! (yellow "B" button on the home page, click it an you will be magickly transported there). For my fellow "over thinkers" , I tend to write about what draws me to subjects and my editing choices. Always a bit too analytical I value feedback and your own thoughts. Comments welcome and there's a handy-dandy box for them that is on the home page section of this site. 

All of my photos are available to purchase at a very modest price. I'm not in it for money, but people have asked so I'm just putting it out there.  I donate any money from sales (after expenses) to animal charities in honor of my mother's memory and to the appropriate charities in support of my father's struggle with Parkinson's.  Don't be a stranger, new photos are added to my galleries every couple of days, I hope you enjoy flipping through my world. I also decorate for the "holidays" on the home page and write about them, with accompanying photos on my blog site.  

- Cari